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At Captify Health, we are committed to helping patients through their digestive healthcare journey. We provide the education and support needed to successfully navigate the complex system. We also collaborate with our clients as digestive health experts, which allows them to extend evidence-based care and effective cost management across managed populations, driving better outcomes in digestive healthcare.

Patient Engagement & Care Coordination

Our patient engagement and care coordination services use a number of different methods to maximize results and achieve better health outcomes. We enable patients to successfully engage in the healthcare process through targeted outreach and education. Our patient-focused procedure for approval, prep, and scheduling also enables providers to scale their practice resources more effectively and utilize staff more efficiently.

Health Analytics

Our analytics services focus on helping our provider, employer, and health payer clients better manage the cost and outcomes of the patients they serve. With our analytics services, you can identify who, how, and where patients’  healthcare could best be managed. Our targeted analytics also includes practice quality reporting, bundled payment analytics, predictive/risk modeling, referral management analytics, health and practice cost analytics, and benchmarking.

Procedure Preparation & Navigation

Captify Health supports pre-procedure patient management with patient education and compliance. Practice revenue, costs, and quality of care all depend on successful patient preparation. With our responsive marketing techniques and robust patient analytics, you can help patients complete successful appointments, to boost both clinical and financial performance.

Network Management

Our network management services include digestive healthcare assessments, credential development, and contracting. Our expansive national digestive health network enables providers looking to establish bundled payment or other value-based contracts by leveraging clinical best practices to improve outcomes and lower costs across specific episodes of care.

Bundled Payment & Care Management

We work with providers, employers, and health plan payers who are looking to establish digestive health bundled payment contracts or better manage gastroenterological care for their patients. We combine our population health analytics, network management, patient engagement, and care coordination services to make this possible.

Benefit Management

Our benefit management solution focuses on managing the unmitigated cost of digestive health conditions by using the latest clinical care guidelines and evidence-based criteria to to better coordinate the care continuum of digestive health patients.

Surveys & Assessments

Our surveys and assessments are completely customizable, configurable, and support question completion from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It takes all available data and turns it into actionable information and plans proactively.