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Improve Employee Satisfaction, Productivity & Your Bottom Line

Employers face employee healthcare costs that continue to grow at an unsustainable rate, diverting funds that would contribute to a profitable bottom-line. Employers rely on their health benefit plan structures to help control costs through utilization management and provider network discounts.

These methods often miss the opportunity to manage cost at the point of care. Self-insured employers benefit from managing specific areas of medical spend, but this requires improved patient engagement and care coordination across specific episodes of digestive health care.

Captify Health addresses the unmitigated GI health medical trend by providing a comprehensive suite of digestive health management services, including fixed-priced colonoscopy care bundle concierge services to drive better outcomes and lower costs.

Captify Health’s solutions also increase the quality of treatment patients receive. We help to reduce the administrative burden for payers and provide cost savings through the reduction or elimination of inappropriate, redundant, or ineffective digestive healthcare procedures.

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Captify Health’s expansive digestive health provider network uses clinical evidence-based guidelines, strict quality standards, and leverages patient engagement and education solutions to optimize the digestive health services provided.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Digestive Health Bundle Management
  • Gap Closure Programs