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Conversations about the difficulty of colonoscopy preparation piqued the interest of a group of entrepreneurs in 2010, and in August of that same year, Captify Health was founded. The founding team came together with years of expertise in process improvement, technology development, and healthcare knowledge.

After researching standard processes and speaking with several gastroenterologists, we identified many areas in which the colonoscopy preparation process could be improved. Captify Health works alongside GI practices to educate and coordinate patients, while maximizing clinical and business operations.

Realizing managing a patient through their healthcare journey is more than just colonoscopy prep, Captify has expanded our patient management services to all aspects of healthcare.

We developed a seamless patient management process that not only eases the confusion and anxiety for patients but improves the bottom line for physicians.

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Over 7 Million Patient Touch Points
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Over One Million Patients Managed
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500 Physician Partners Nationwide
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Serving 27 States Nationwide

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