For Providers

Physician practices are looking to remain independent and thrive in an ever-changing reimbursement landscape where more financial risk falls directly on them. The emerging value-based models require providers to collaborate more with each other, shift their patient engagement models and ultimately deliver better coordinated care that is less costly and more effective.

Captify’s solutions integrate with physician practices to engage their patient; before, during and after episodes of digestive health care. Captify connects with patients to schedule and prepare them for the appropriate services; providing on-going educational resources and support through the care continuum. Captify provides predictive analytics allowing physician practices to target and manage risk more acutely by focusing patient interventions on those most at risk within the populations they serve.

As experts in the Digestive Health space, Captify also serves as an analytical advisor allowing providers to assess and determine the best value-based contractual opportunities that will maximize their revenue. Providers working with Captify can leverage its expansive provider network with access to lower cost, quality-based services, enabling participation in bundled payment and other value-based contracts.